I’m a woman of many passions and even more flaws. My brain is often as cooperative as a toddler with ADD. I write to sort out the chaos in my head, document memorable moments, and [hopefully] inspire or encourage on a good day. If my snarky humor makes you smile or laugh out loud, that’s even better.

Topics I blog on include:

* Pursuing optimum health. If you like gardening, making up recipes or cooking from scratch, we could probably swap soil tips and share recipes on preserving the harvest. I make amazing Basil Pesto, we eat our own carrots at least 7 months of the year, and our extra raspberries and kale get frozen for smoothies. Sneaky organic cooks rock!

* Running trails, hiking mountains, and obstacle racing. My husband and I have climbed 48 “14ers” (peaks above 14,000 feet) and have some epic stories of completing those mountains. We live at the base of the Rocky Mountains and take full advantage of our urban parks and expansive trail network. I’m fairly new to obstacle racing, but had some dumb luck and got to hang with the world’s best in 2016.

* My cancer journey from 2006. I’m thankful to be a survivor and enjoy hearing stories from others. Perhaps my experience will help you navigate your own treatment or better understand a loved one’s struggles. Might be TMI for readers who don’t like details on the side effects of radiation and chemo. Consider yourself warned.

On top of Raspberry Mountain.

* Maintaining energy and vitality at any age. I’ve been called the “energizer bunny” for years and have no plans of slowing down. My odometer just rolled to 61 last year and I feel like I’m 30. I’ll share what’s working for me.