Part 16 – A Look Back on my Cancer Journey – Best. News. Ever.

(Modified from family email updates and journal entries from August, 2006.)

Friday, August 18, 2006

MJ -1 Cancer – 0

That’s the current score if you’re keeping track. Even though I was “supposed” to wait until Tuesday to have my doctor deliver my PET scan results to me in person, I bugged the office by phone yesterday, ‘cause I just knew my chart had the necessary report and news. And, I was impatient to get the stupid port out and get on that surgery schedule ASAP.  Sure enough – the scan “looked good” as the nurse said, which in my interpretation means the cancer is gone, Tootie is history, my body is clean from this nasty disease and it’s time for some wig-flipping celebrating! Wa-HOOOOO!!! Hugs and high fives all around, for I know I wouldn’t be writing this success story without the gazillion prayers that were prayed for my healing. This is a victory shared and I stand as a humble recipient of an amazing outpouring of love. As one coworker said “Let the hair growing begin!” (Wonder if they make a Weed ‘n Feed for hair that kills off the silver strands and makes the rest grow faster…?) My port is scheduled to be removed in one week – Friday morning, 8/25.  Yiippppeee!!!!  I’ll be back to full time work on the 28th.

This morning early, I met a friend to hike the Incline again and then went in to finish out my work week. One last interesting tidbit – a news crew from Channel 4 out of Denver was in our department this week, shooting some footage for an upcoming television feature on all the non-political stuff that goes on in the ministry. They captured one employee handling a phone call and then put the camera on yours truly to show someone answering an email. My director gave me about 3 seconds to think about it and promised I wouldn’t have to talk or be quoted or explain what I was doing – just sit there and work. I barely had time to get the fruit peels off my desk, check for stray boogers and put some personal photos away. Granted, looking at someone typing and glancing at two computer monitors is hardly riveting material, but it will be interesting to see what they use. The camera lens looked big enough to count my nose hairs from 100 yards away and was right outside my cubicle. Yikes! But hey – I was having a good hair day, so who cares?  😉 I was told the story will air sometime in the next couple weeks and to check their website after the 30th or so. Unless you live in Denver, you won’t be able to see it anywhere but online. I think the site is

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Don’t forget to join us in thanking God for this excellent news.

Praising Him continually,

2 thoughts on “Part 16 – A Look Back on my Cancer Journey – Best. News. Ever.

  1. Tessa

    Yahooo!!! Just read all the Parts. Crazy to look back and see your point of view during this time. Congrats momma. Enjoy that Spartan race this weekend. Hope you crush it. It’ll be almost exactly 11 years from getting your port out. What a glorious day 🙂

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